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Keeping Curious with Aimi Mckeown

Aimi has been in the jewellery trade for over twenty years. What started out as a hobby, quickly became a passion and she knew that silversmithing was the right career for her early on in her journey. she started her first business with a grant from The Prince's Trust as Silver Shadows Jewellery, making contemporary silver jewellery. Picking up a wealth of knowledge, techniques and valuable experience over the years, she has since moved with the times and mastered the art of silver clay. Her subsequent businesses Silver Handprints and Silver Paws were created.

The 'inSilver' website was created, a jewellery boutique with a modern feel when a friend suggested having Silver Handprints, Silver Paws and Silver Shadows jewellery all in one website it all made perfect sense.

As well as making high quality handprint, fingerprint and paw print jewellery, she now runs several jewellery making experience days. She welcomes clients into her workshop who want to try their hand at making a piece of silver jewellery and under her tuition, they have left with a piece of jewellery that they are proud to have made.

In this episode we discuss how her passion for jewellery has stayed with her since early childhood and how having her own business allows her to have the freedom to concentrate on the contemporary jewellery which is her true calling. A self confessed Magpie, Aimi loves the combination of shiny silver and semi-precious stones- this fascination drives her to create and see what new combinations she can explore.

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