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Keeping Curious with Kim von Coels

Kim von Coels is the creative powerhouse behind ‘Krumble Empire’. I met Kim at her home in Glastonbury, which is filled to the brim with her artwork and collections. Her current obsession is with light painting but over the years she has experimented with painting, video and photography. In her own words ‘I try to live a life full of art, adventure, photography, film, music, friends and fun.’ In this conversation we discuss the importance of enjoyment when creating from seizing the moment, to working with what you have in front of you. Travel has played a key part in shaping the artist she is today. Inspired by architecture, Kim explores the self and body within landscape all the while having lots of fun, often with friends. The result is spectacularly powerful artwork that is charged with her effervescent energy.

She says, ‘I make pictures and take pictures. I collect unusual things. I photograph things I see and create things I want to see. I paint murals and dress people up in outrageous outfits, then make them dance around spaces while I photograph their awesomeness.’

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