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Keeping Curious with Jennifer Maynard

Jennifer Maynard is the founder and creator of the innovative furniture renovation company Moorhaven Bespoke. Jen creates beautiful unique mid-century pieces with a twist from her home studio in Somerset.

In this episode, we discuss her journey from the school art class, where I first met her, to setting up her own creative business and the myriad of careers in between. Discovering how important embracing creativity is to well-being has been the catalyst to Moorhaven. Jen has always had an impeccable eye for design and has been renovating furniture for her own home and the properties she renovates with her husband for the past 14 years. However, it was only in the last year that she has decided to give it a go and make her work a brand it its own right. The website will be launching later this month so it is a really exciting time to follow her adventure.

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