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Keeping Curious with Kerry Lyons

Kerry Lyons is the mastermind behind ‘the imperfect life planner’ a brand new planning solution for 2018 to help navigate this crazy world we live in. Her inspiration for the ‘imperfect life’ revolution is simple. In her own words - I completely changed my life by choosing to show up for myself, not living for anyone else, and finally freeing myself from ‘perfection’ – by living the imperfect life. This philosophy resonated with me so much that I couldn’t resist getting in touch and finding out more.

Kerry creates beautiful bespoke stationery from her studio in the Custard Factory, Birmingham. Following a 13 year, award-winning career in graphic design in the UK and Ireland, the Kerry Lyons brand was originally borne of a side project-come-therapy for a self-confessed addiction. This addiction being stationery, giftware, homeware and all things beautifully designy.

In this episode, we discussed her journey from a determined 14 year old to a stressed out twentysomething, to founding her own creative business and finding her purpose through helping others through her love of stationery and planners.

This episode has been brought forward in support of Kerry’s Kickstarter campaign. She needs our support right now to get her message out to the world and this planner into your hands. Funding deadline is 31st August so please check it out now and be part of the journey.

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