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Keeping Curious with Rob Gurney

Rob Gurney is the inspirational founder behind Digital Mechanic. Rob created the digital mechanic brand to be a one stop solution for digital creative work offering photography, videography and graphic design. In this episode we talk about everything from what it takes to shoot a wedding, why its hard to work with kids, to how he got involved in full body paint photoshoots and erotic art. This is an open and honest chat about how finding a creative outlet has transformed his life. In the four years since he first picked up a camera he has gone from being quite reclusive to being a prominent member of the Leicester art scene. He is resident photographer for 02 Leicester and has had his work featured in many national publications.

Without a doubt Rob is a talented digital artist but it is his unique view of his creative work as a collaborative process that makes him really interesting to talk to. What amazes me most about Rob’s story and why I wanted to share it with you is that he achieves all this whilst maintaining a demanding full time job showing that lack of time is no excuse to not live your most creative life.

He is proof that it is never to late to learn a new skill and transform your life.

Where to find his work:

A few notable achievements:

House photographer @ o2 Academy Leicester, 2015 to Present

Slash & Mötley Crüe Main Stage @ Download festival, 2015

Englebert Humperdink recording studio shoot, December 2016

Dave Leicester comedy festival cameraman and sole video editor for entire festival, 2015

Digital Artist / Graphic designer for the Dolmio 2017 Campaign

Publications : Twisted Edge Magazine, Twisted Latex Magazine, Leicester Mercury, Daily Mirror

Here is the list of people Rob mentioned that you may want to check out:

Listen to our conversation here:

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