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Keeping Curious with Licence To Live

Jen & Lydia Wild are the inspirational women who created the life coaching practice ‘Licence to Live’. As life coaches, Jen & Lydia help their clients realise their potential. For me, creativity is much about authenticity and Jen & Lydia believe everyone has the ability to create the life they want. They massively inspire me and it was them who I turned to when I was feeling creatively stuck. They helped me get clear on what I wanted and the best steps to take to get me to where I wanted to go. So, it made sense for us to get together and have a chat about creativity and how everyone can create the life they want.

You can find out more about Licence to Live on their website here or alternatively check out their Facebook page here.

Listen to our conversation here:

Here are some more links to some of the other things that came up in our chat: